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Who We Are

We are two Romanians and two Moldavians ready to take on the world. This summer's adventure takes the form of volunteering in Vishenky Center. Here you can follow our adventures here in Smolensk while we're giving our best to our jobs from Monday to Friday and explore Russia and its culture on weekends. Enjoy!


Meet the team

Alina Anghel

Medical student

third year medical student from Romania, considers volunteering a life style, escapee from the city part time, wanders around mountains as often as posible. Think global act local is what's been driving my actions in the last years and I dedicate what little time school leaves me with to travelling while looking homeless and volunteering my time away. Also, I'm a PotterHead.


Denisa Grozea

Graduated Letters and Languages

Maybe I will never be able to sell ice to the Eskimos or compete with Mary Barra, nor dance like Pina Bausch, but Stefan Agopian is also a top three (mine for sure!!!). I think circus does not mean elephants and red noses and that we, the dreamers, see Matthew Bourne's swans in black and white. Women have to limp a little! So they can be themselves. The supreme prize still means a white ball and a walk with the donkey in the Danube Delta and my only mathematical aptitude is to count the kilometers traversed in the world (not mine!!!). And that, because everything I see around me and all I remember is about the world that I love and, implicitly, about me as part of it.

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Ana Vieru

Graduate of Letters And Languages

 This is my first international volunteer experince. In my 24 years on this planet I took part in three Erasmus experiences because I love travelling, meeting new people and getting to know other cultures. Also I'm very fond of thea chocolate and зефир.


Inga Samoila

Graduate of Physical Education and Sport

So what can I say about me, I'm 21 years old, and like everybody I love to travel and discover new cultures, but the best part is that you always make friends from different countries. This is my first time in an international volunteer project, but I'm sure it will not be the last one, because I love to get out of my comfort zone to experience everything life has to offer. In my free time I prefer to hang out with friends.


Our news 

At Cultural Summer Smolensk, we take pride in everything we do, from being fully comitted to our jobs here to getting lost around the city.  Read all about our latest updates, daily mishaps, events and more.

My first week in Russia


Read all about how not speaking the local language is challenging Alina on her first week here.

Ana's first week here 


You would think Ana has it easy, speaking Russian and everything, wouldn't you? think again :D

First days around here, let's talk


Fellow Romanian and non-Russian speaking person, see how Denisa's first few days in Smolensk folded out.

What happens in Smolensk stays in Smolensk


Does speaking the language make things any easier? See what Inga thinks.


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